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Our feature photo for Photo Gallery 637 is this great '70s race car diorama photo from Hartmut Peters. Joining Hartmut's collection of models is another great exhibition of modelers' talents from around the world for you to enjoy. We want to welcome a new first-time contributor Jens Roehle to our Photo Galleries. Check out all the great models on display in our Photo Gallery 637. [posted 08/17/2014]

Bob Sundstrom has released Issue #49 of Model Freightways and subscribers should have received their issues in the mail (mailed mid-August, 2014). The current issue features:

  • Canadian Freightways collection
  • Vintage photos of CF's heavy haul division
  • Focus on flatbed trailers
  • Model railroad scenes featuring trucks
  • ...and a lot more trucks

We encourage you to check out the latest issue! If you're not a subscriber contact Bob Sundstrom and ask for a special single rate. We highly recommend this publication for anyone interested in fleet truck operations and modeling! [posted 08/17/2014]

Who We Are, What We Do

The 1/87 Vehicle Club was established to promote the construction, use, and manufacture of prototypically accurate scale vehicle and equipment models specifically in 1/87 (HO) scale. 1/87 scale is most commonly referred to as "HO" scale because this is the scale of HO gauge model trains, by far the most popular scale for railroad modeling.

Our club assists in the exhibition, promotion, manufacturing, and production research of vehicles of all kinds in 1/87 (HO) scale. This web site and associated events are the place to meet and communicate with other people who are passionate about your hobby.

   Upcoming Events
  • 2014 iHobby Expo
    • Oct 2-3, 2014 - Schaumburg, IL
  • 2014 Mo87 Fulda Meeting
    • Oct 25, 2014 - Gasthaus Rhönblick
  • 2015 1/87 Vehicle Club East Coast Meet
    • Jan 24-25, 2015 - W. Springfield, MA

We begin August New Products announcements with a new '41/'46 Chevrolet tow truck Classic Metal Works in three different oil company paint schemes. We also have the announcement of new production runs from Athearn of new paint schemes on their 40' ocean containers and new paint schemes on their yard tractor model. Check out all the details in our August New Products.

Our highlight photo for Photo Gallery 636 is another of Chester Fesmire's spectacular diorama photographs. Chester scratchbuilt a tow truck body to complement a Jordan Highway Miniatures Ford Model AA truck. We want to welcome three new first-time contributors to our Photo Galleries this week; Mike Doll, Phillip Klein, and Dallas Bishop. Joining Chester's model is another great collection of modelers' photos from around the world for you to enjoy. Check out Chester's and all the great models on display in our Photo Gallery 636. [posted 08/09/2014]

Our feature photo for Photo Gallery 635 is another amazing diorama assembled by Balazs Borbely. Balazs put together a collection of Ferrari race cars, the Fiat race transporter, and many of the pitstop87 toolboxes and shop accessories he's designed to build an outstanding Ferrari race car shop. Joining Balazs' photos is another great collection of modelers' photos from around the world for you to enjoy. Check out Balazs' and all the great models on display in our Photo Gallery 635. [posted 08/01/2014]

Our feature photo for Photo Gallery 634 is this amazing bulk cargo vessel and dock diorama built by Jimmy Cancino. Jimmy scratchbuilt the vessel and the entire diorama. We also have another great world class collection of modelers' photos for you to enjoy. Check out Chester's and all the great models on display in our Photo Gallery 634. [posted 07/22/2014]

We continue to update the Classic Mint Collectibles web site as we uncover more photos, some never before published. This is another of the projects we've recently completed, an archival web site for Classic Mint Collectibles. In case you're a recent "convert" to 1/87 scale or have only recently discovered our web site, Classic Mint Collectibles produced some of the most exquisite museum quality brass models of HO scale Peterbilt trucks, Komatsu and John Deere mining and construction equipment, and Talbert lowboy and Heil pneumatic bulk trailers from 2003 through 2009. Having been involved in the research and development of these models we feel uniquely qualified to keep the brand at the forefront of any discussion regarding high quality models in 1/87 scale. We'll be adding to the site and doing all we can to keep the content fresh so please check it out. We hope you enjoy the site! [posted 08/02/2013]

We invite you to check out the N Scale Vehicle Association's latest web site updates. The N scale Mack R truck tractor from Athearn was selected as N Scale Vehicle of the Year at it's recent annual convention in Roanoke, Virginia. We've made a significant contribution in time and effort in support of this web site. Check it out!

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