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Chevrolet G-20 Paramedic Ambulance - By Ralf Schulz

Here's another look at Ralf Schulz's "PARAMEDIC UNIT" made of Trident's first ambulance model (Harlem / Netherlands). Original with blue e-lights, Ralf had to make new white lights on the sides and to turn the original whites into red emergency light imitations. Behind them he installed 8 SMD-LEDs (type 1206) in the roof part and two SMD-LEDs (type 0603) behind the imitations in the radiator grill. Now they are diagonal-slow-alternate flashlights. In the light bar there are two small bulbs connected each to its own electronics (so they light up totally independent). Ralf says that as this light bar is not very beautiful he wants to replace it by one consisting of 6-8 SMD-LEDs as soon as possible. This ambulance is totally repainted, finished with running boards he made and a simulated interior. The decals are from Microscale and Truck-Line. By the way, it is placed for this photo on a small scenery made of cardboard and paint on a shoe box and an I.H.C. building. Also shown in Photo Gallery 127.

Posted June 21, 2003