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Lokomo-Sisu Crane - By Daniel Vinay

Here's a Lokomo crane on a frame built by the Finnish firm, Sisu. The characteristic of this crane assembly is the way the weight of the jib elements is carried towards the rear, supported by a trailer ("Lokotrailer") which is also used to transport the crane’s counterweights. This technical solution, required for operation on unpaved roads and offering a lighter per-axle load, is typical of Finland. One will also notice the lightening of the elements of the jib by use of a sheet structure with welded flat reinforcements. This vehicle appeared in the catalogue about 1975. The model is based on a Smarttoys vehicle that has been extensively reworked and modified. The truck cab and jib were completely rebuilt. The trailer is completely scratchbuilt. The entire model is painted in Lokomo’s factory colors.

Posted July 26, 2004