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Kenworth T600 & Combine Harvester Trailer - By Andy Park

The Kenworth truck shown here is a "lash together" of a Herpa frame, Walthers cab, Boley wheels and Roco wrecker body with Albedo wheelarches grafted-in to make a harvest service truck. The chassis being from a 6 wheeled Unimog but stretched and kitbashed to (try to!) resemble vehicles operated by Johnson Harvesting of Evansville, MN. It was airbrushed in Humbrol metallic Baltic Blue darkened with a dab of gloss black. Andy decided the paint looked too metallic (i.e the flakes looked out of scale somehow - if that makes sense?) so it was given a coat of Humbrol Satincoat to calm the effect. The trailer is just a Herpa drawbar chassis chopped around and with plastruct "O" guage ladders used for the outriggers and folding ramps.

Posted September 15, 2004