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Chevrolet Suburban Airport Limousine - By Glenn Williams

When Gleen Williams tells us that when he was in college in New Hampshire (back in the early-mid 80's), traveling back and forth to his family's home in New Jersey, he always saw the extended Suburbans that belonged to the Connecticut Limousine Company cruising along Interstate 95. When he first started noticing them they were the original blue and orange color scheme. Later years they could be seen in their all white livery. Sadly these land yachts have made way for 12-14 passenger vans, which Glenn reports surely must be more fuel effieicnt and less costly to obtain and maintain. The model in these photos is a stretched Trident Suburban School Bus. The frame was extended with styrene and the extra doors were donated from the spare parts/scrap box. The custom decals were created on Microsoft PowerPoint.

Posted January 16, 2005