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Transport Motor Express White 3000 & 4000 Tractors & Trailers - By Fred Gruin

Here's a photo of a pair of TMX rigs, formerly based in Ft. Wayne, IN. The one in the background is an Ivers White 4000 with an A-Line Freuhauf trailer. In the foreground is a CMW White 3000 with a Sheepscot trailer. Steering axle wheels are by Sheepscot, the rest from Alloy Forms. Decals were obtained from a Michigan S scale truck modeler named Barrand Pazan.

Fred tell us, "It was especially fun to make these because when I was a young ICC safety inspector based in Ft. Wayne in 1964, I got to ride in 3 TMX rigs. The first leg was in a conventional Hendrickson to Chicago via U.S. 30, then a White Road Boss as modeled, hauling a load of TIME magazines from the printer in Chicago to the main Post Office in Pittsburgh. I was checking out a complaint that the run could not be made in 10 hours. It was all on Turnpikes, IN, OH, & PA, and we did the run in 9 1/4 hours and I made sure the driver didn't speed. After a layover, I rode back to Ft. Wayne in a bubble nose White."

Posted February 17, 2005