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International 7600 Water Rescue Truck & Boat - By Jerry Allen

This is a Boley brush rig that has been modified by Jerry Allen as a water rescue unit. The rig had the pump removed from the rear deck and tread plate put in its place. Two roll-up doors were added to the rear and red and amber strobes was added to the rear. The unit has two blue strobes in the grille and two red strobes in the fenders. The light bar was reworked with Bare Metal Foil. Floodlights from a Boley pumper were added. The compartments on top have Plano railcar photo etched walkways added, scratchbuilt ladder rack, and a ladder from the same pumper as the floodlights. Jerry added Tichy Train tie down rings to the front and rear bumpers and a hitch to the rear bumper to pull the boat. Also added is the coiled rope on the top deck that he hand coiled. The fuel tanks were painted with Alcad II chrome and the wheels repainted red. The truck was decaled with numerous Microscale decals. The boat is a Boley rigid inflatable that Jerry reworked. The trailer was repainted red and safety stripes added. The blue strobe was replaced with red light bar that he made. Jerry added a floodlight from the same pumper that was used for the truck, a new whip radio antenna, and a coiled rope on the deck that he hand coiled.

Posted April 22, 2005