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1957 Plymouth Fury Hardtop Coupe "Christine" - By Thomas Lange

The story behind Thomas Lange's "Christine" model is best told by Thomas:

"When Woodland Scenics announced their 1/87 car series I was really enthusiastic, especially when I heard they would present the 1957 Plymouth Fury Hardtop Coupe. Upon arrival the disappointment increased! Scale wise the models are not too bad, but all over one can find traces of super glue, even fingerprints, the wheels were really poor and [presumably] for license reasons Woodland Scenics skipped some important details. However, the order was placed and I wanted to have "my" Christine in the display. So I started to remodel the tail-fins and put headlight lenses on that "something" Woodland Scenics calls a grille. Only the roof remained unchanged in original varnish. Of cause the model had to be painted in bright red, the side ornaments are cut from decal film. The wheels come from Classic Metal Works. So this Christine is better than none and I promise, in the vitrine she does NOT move by her own and does NOT play the number-one hits of the fifties...."

Posted October 30, 2005