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Off-Road Tire Corp. Power Wagon - By John Politte

John tells us this is his first attempt at a 1/87 scale model. He used to work for this company, “Off The Road Tire Corp.” (OTR). The trailer is the back end of a Busch 44000 DPW, the trailer tongue is from Herpa’s utility trailer and the bumper is from the front of the DPW, minus the winch. The trailer hitch was scratchbuilt as well as the overhead air tank. The compressor motor and pump were cut from the Berkshire Valley service station air compressor, re-mounted on a steel plate and fuel cell. The hose reel mounted on the driver side is made from two extra wheels and mounted with an extra spare tire-mounting bracket. The decals were created and printed on John's office computer (we won't tell) using Testors decal paper.

Posted November 26, 2005