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Cabano Kingsway International 4400 Truck Tractor - By Christophe Culis

An International 4400 lettered for Cabano Kingsway, a Transforce company, is backing up a 48ft trailer at the dock.  The tractor is a Boley detailed with muffler, chain box, and air hoses. The trailer is a Promotex with a modified sub-frame featuring a tridem spread axle configuration (typical set-up in Québec). Among the other pieces of equipment, notice a group of 53ft trailers (A-Line), belonging to J.C. Germain, Nordique, and Papineau, companies which, in reality, belong to Transforce. All the decals used for this scene (tractor and trailers) come from Ricks decals.

Posted January 15, 2006