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International 7600 Dump Truck - By Christophe Culis

This workhorse dump truck model from Christophe Culis is an International 7600 tandem axle equipped with a Bibeau style dump body. It represents a truck from Quebec's Department of Transportation (MTQ). Christophe used a Boley cab and frame to begin with. To make it look more realistic, he shimmed the cab so that it sits a little bit higher on the frame. Then he replaced the fuel tank to make it more prototypical using an A-Line fuel tank. Since this truck is supposed to belong to a DOT, it is equipped of a snow plow in winter, which implies that the bumper is attached to the plow attachment (not visible). The truck is also equipped with a 15 ft dump body (made from scratch, after a model of a popular dump body in Quebec). On this type of truck configuration, the hydraulic oil tank is located just behind the cab. The legs that hold the dump in position (once unloaded) can be seen in the folded position in the center on the dump's subframe. Decals are homemade.

Posted September 25, 2007