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Volvo FH16 Truck Tractor & Paper Reel Load - By Andrew Burrow

Andrew Burrow built this Volvo FH 16 with paper cylinder reel load. This started out as a JOAL Volvo bought cheaply at 'Barnard Castle truck show' along with a box van trailer. Andrew also bought a TGA MAN at the time. He kept both trucks intact until he thought of what to do with them. Whilst at work as a sheetmetal fabricater apprentice, building industrial fans he realized they throw out quiet a lot of scrap along with tubing, small scrap sheets, ideal for loads, and lots or wires for straps or hydraulic pipes on machinery. Andrew found a small piece of tubing which he thought would be ideal for a load. He eventually thought of making a paper reel load for a paper mill. Small cogs left over form a motorised Tamiya Kangaroo kit were a perfect fit to be used as bearings and axles. Small plastic tubing was used for the outside wall of the bearing. It was then painted with grey primer and satin black.

The trailer came for a cheaply bought Werbetruck/ Minitruck range. The unit was a Mack Vision towing this 5 axle flat which had an advertizing board for 'Budweiser'. The trailer was ideal for the reel load. The sign clipped off, he made a flatbed deck from thin wood strips. The trailer then needed a mount/ clamp to hold the reel in place. This came from leftover wood bits. With everything in place, the trailer was painted, the load glueded in place, a masking tape sheet, sprayed and glued down. Langley Models chain was glued down to hold it in place. The Volvo was then given a custom exhaust at the back of the cab and a lightbar. Kibri transfers/ stickers were added. The red and white chevron transfers were white stickers before applying. The Union Jack flag was bought from a stationary shop. The livery is made up, but it is made to look like a British driver pulling for a A SCHLOPP mainly pulling out of Germany.

Posted October 27, 2007