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2020 Ford Mustang - By Randy Sawyer

The year is 2020. The energy crisis was solved back in 2008 and global warming is now just a memory. How did it happen? Scientists finally made a fully piezoelectric quantum dot and attached tiny magnets along the X,Y axis squeezing the crystal and forming a stored charge on the crystal face. The crystal and the magnets vibrated producing a changing magnetic field and thus producing alternating current. The researchers had successfully made an AC generator smaller than a grain of sand. Now Randy is inspecting the work on his new home in the hills, and the workers are inspecting Randy's new car - a 2020 Mustang Alpha. It is a brand new electric car. Of course, this is only a dream. The cabin and car exist only in miniature, an illusion created by a talented model builder.

Posted January 11, 2008