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Peterbilt 362 Truck Tractor - By Johannes Kamitter

This model is from first time contributor and 16 year old truck enthusiast, Johannes Kamitter, from Germany. This Peterbilt is a model for his ficticious trucking company, JK Freight Lines. Johannes “founded" his company about three years ago because he wanted to have American cabovers (cabovers are his favorite trucks) all in an identical color. The time went by and his fleet grew more and more. This Peterbilt 362E day cab started out as the Promotex Peterbilt 362E. The first thing to do was to shorten the sleeper cab to day cab length. After painting he added a new panorama wind screen by Alloy Forms and scratchbuilt wipers to make it look like the prototype. On the sides of the cab he installed new handrails and hinges made from styrene. Johannes didn’t like the factory installed grille of the Pete and decided to build one from styrene and super thin wire mesh. Now the problem was that the model wasn’t able to tilt the cab any more and so he created a mechanism to make it able to tilt again. To improve the underside of the cab, the first thing was to cover the floor of the cab with mirror foil. The next thing was to add a new V8 engine made by Herpa and exhaust pipes made from styrene and painted with Alclad II Chrome. The chassis was stretched, lowered and detailed with the help of styrene and A-Line fuel tanks. The trailer is a Walthers 45ft van trailer that was painted and equipped with decals. A spectacular start for this young modeler!

Posted April 12, 2008