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Ford F-250 Contractor's Truck - By Ron Elsdoerfer

Ron Elsdoerfer built this model using an actual production sample from the new lot of River Point Station models. These second run models feature several improvements, including silvered headlight sockets and amber turn signal stripes. The rearview mirrors also sport a contrasting “mirror” surface. Some colors from the new production run, including the white models, now also have black door and tailgate latches. This model is shown with added parts from the undecorated ladder accessory kit, P/N: 537-5250.55, and a crossover toolbox from P/N: 537-5250.68. The trucks and accessories are sold separately. The simulated plumbers’ tubing-carrier is a length of 1/16” diameter plastic rod; it is not included with the kits. Now available from your favorite hobby shop or mail order dealer!

Posted November 27, 2008