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"End of Sodamate's Road" - By John Shannon

Photo by Dan Goins

This interesting and somewhat amusing diorama was on display at the 2008 East Coast Meet in Springfield, Massachusetts. It turns out to have quite a story behind it. We've asked modeler John Shannon to give us the details:

"I was logistics director for Sodamate, a new product division of Cadbury Schweppes, that tried to manufacture and sell an in-home nonelectric soft drink dispenser between 1985-1988. Cadbury stopped funding in October 1988. I built the diorama as the centerpiece for our "Last Supper" for our 18 soon to be unemployed employees. The tractor is an Athearn COE Freightliner and the trailer a Durango Press 45' van, the California Highway Patrol officers are Preiser, and the vehicles from Busch and Trident."

Posted August 2, 2009