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Autocar AP19, Mack LRVSW, & Mack M75/100SX Prime Movers - By Ed Sweeney

This very impressive array of heavy prime movers are some of Ed Sweeney's most impressive work. Two of the models are LRVSW Macks (above left and above right, one with dual exhaust and one with single exhaust; minor detail variations), front and center is an AP19 Autocar and the other big Mack in the rear is a cross between a M75SX and M100SX. The LRVSW Macks utilize Puget Sound resin cabs with scratchbuilt frames, the AP19 Autocar uses a Alloy Forms cab with the remainder of the truck being scratchbuilt. The big Mack was made about 27 years ago and is entirely scratchbuilt (except for the tires and wheels). In real life Gerosa had one LRVSW, the unique AP19 and one M75SX Mack.

Posted October 11, 2009