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Radical Custom Kenworth W900 Truck Tractor - By Johannes Kamitter

Here's another view of last week's Photo Gallery headliner, Johannes Kamitter's customized Kenworth W900A. The model started out as Athearn’s famous Kenworth kit. First the hood was stretched out 9mm and the headlights were removed. The fender extensions in the front were made from brass. Johannes cleaned the cab and the sleeper from Promotex and added panels made from styrene. Also, the steps, fuel tanks, stacks, mirrors, the fifth wheel, most parts of the interior, as well as many other parts were also scratchbuilt from styrene. The grille is probably the most custom part; Johannes says he didn't want to install “just” a square grille; he wanted to create a grille that matches the paint job (the v-styled white stripe on the sides). The grille is completely scratchbuilt from styrene and wire mesh from Weinert; the two bumpers were made from a special foil. Depending on the component of the truck, Johannes sprayed 7 to 10 thin coats of paint to get shiny, bright colors. Just the holes of the rims got only one coat of copper (hard to see on the pictures). Previously shown in Photo Gallery 420 and 422.

Posted September 4, 2010