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Intermodal Yard - By Bob Ascah

Here's another view of Bob Ascah's "Gate Time" diorama. In this photo the push is on to position the last of the trailers for loading at Canadian Pacific's Cote St. Luc Yard. The module shown is based on the new Route 87 Standards extended three inches at the back to allow for the railroad trackwork. The photos were taken at the 7-8 August 2010 Gananoque 1000 Island Train Show and are the second display of the modules. Future work on the display envisions a ditch between the roadway and fence line, a complete cyclone fence and refined trailer area. Bob reports this display proved quite popular with the general public and looks forward to additional show times for it. The Schneider truck tractor is from Trucks N' Stuff with A-Line decals, the yard tractor from Athearn. Trailers shown in this view are A-Line, Athearn, Trucks N' Stuff and Walthers. Previously featured in Photo Galleries 423 and 424.

Posted October 8, 2010