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Transmosa Mack F900 Heavy Haul Truck Tractor - By Ralph Ratcliffe

Here's our last look at Ralph Ratcliffe's spectacular Mack F900 heavy duty truck tractor model. It's modeled after a prototype operated by the Spanish company Transmosa and is used for heavy haul applications in the Middle East. Ralph says he believes that the tractor was originally a U.S. military tractor. The model uses a modified Don Mills F700 resin cab, a precursor to his upcoming F600 day cab model kit. The tires were produced by Ralf Koch and even have the Michelin letters on the sidewall with a left and right tread pattern. The planetary drive wheels were produced specifically for this model and then reproduced as a product available from Ralph's website. Also used on this model is the Mack ENDT-865 Maxidyne engine and heavy duty winch, both of which are announced recently (see our September 2010 New Products) and available from Ralph's website. Everything else on the model is scratchbuilt. The orange paint is House of Kolor urethane. The "Transmosa" logo is dry transfer lettering. Watch for more of this terrific model coming soon in future Photo Galleries. Previously featured in Photo Galleries 427 and 429.