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Caterpillar D8R Dozer - By Cliff Cheeseman

Here's a closer look at Cliff Cheeseman's GHQ Models 50 ton lowboy trailer loaded with a GHQ 1940s D8-8R cable operated blade bulldozer. The model was assembled using Micro Mark Quick Cure Zap Cyanoacrylate glue, airbrushed using Floquil paints, and weathered with Micro Mark Age-it Easy Gray. The 2'x10' timber floorboards on the trailer were made from styrene that was scraped with a razor saw to give it a rough texture. Thin nylon thread was used for the cables on the bulldozer. A-Line chains were added for tie downs. The photograph was taken on a section of Cliff's model railroad. The web page is Previously featured in Photo Gallery 459.

Posted April 24, 2011