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Canadian Freightways B-Train - By Jim Groeneweg

This Canadian Freightways B-train combination is the result of some extensive modeling by Jim Groeneweg. The much modified truck tractor is detailed elsewhere in Photo Gallery 48.

The trailers are both Walthers Stoughton 48' cut down to a 32' lead trailer and 28' pup. The pup has an Athearn suspension (single axle fixed) and the lead has the original changed to 60" spread with scratchbuilt fenders and sliding tandem B-train configuration typical of what Canadian Freightways uses. These closely resemble Manac trailers. Microscale decals were used for all CF lettering, and placard info; A-Line decals were applied for the conspicuity (safety) stripes on the trailers. Paint for the entire unit is all authentic CF fleet colors in basecoat/clearcoat.

Posted December 21, 2001