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Freightliner FLB86 - Canadian Freightways - By Jim Groeneweg

This very nice model of a Canadian Freightways FLB86 is the result of some extensive rework of the Promotex model by Jim Groeneweg. According to Jim, the tractor body was modified around the front panel and windshield area making the necessary changes to the front. The sun visor also changed in sync to cab front, cab extension fairings were slightly filed off at the bottom, front wheel arch flairs, and dual headlights/turn signals corrected, bumper shaved at bottom half, Athearn windshield installed to correct the incorrect flat glass, and the entire cab was lowered slightly. Scratchbuilt items include convex mirrors (3), rectangular air horn covers, windshield wipers, front cab corner air deflectors, battery and auxiliary heater boxes to frame, and fuel tank steps. The deck plate and half fenders all from sheet plastic, rod, and staples. Fuel tanks were lengthened. Wheels and tires are A-Line. Microscale decals were used for all CF lettering. Paint for the entire unit is all authentic CF fleet colors in base coat/clear coat.

Posted December 21, 2001